Friday, March 27, 2009


This is my oldest son giving it all he has not bad for the first time!!


This can be you away from it all, scrapping all weekend, massages and just a whole lot of fun. I put on weekends for us ladies so we can get away from it all and enjoy ourselves. For more info just have a look at my site
We have so much it is just to much to put on my blog. Don't miss on the weekend of May June and September.
Hope to see you there.

Friday, January 30, 2009

My Other Passion Skibird Boats

This is our passion, hubby Neil builds them and together we sell them. We are a big skiing and barefooten family and love to be on the river. We will be at the Hawkesbury show this year 2009 to show off our wonderful product. If you want to have a look visit
Built for your enjoyment and the way you want it. This is our first 19" Extreme.

Scrapbook Heaven at Wisemans Ferry

Welcome to Wisemans Ferry scrapbooking camp at Castle Mountain. this is such a great place to scrap. I love going here and having the ladies really enjoy themselves. The first one I had we had 100 ladies now that was huge!!!! Now we have two a year at this venue and they ladies just love it.

My Good friend Rosie

This is my good friend Rosie, she has a scrapping book shop that works with me at my camps. I met rose years agao st a scrapping night I held in Blacktown. We have been friends ever since. She is a Science teacher, and I know she is a great one. She is so inspirational, she always has such fantastic ideas and creations for our scrapbooking camps. Melanie is her daughter and works along side her and together they make a great team for the camps. We love to scrap together when we can and rose comes down to the river for a little time out. I am doing my blog all because of rose.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Brennan Boys Skiing

Here is my boys Mitchell and jonathon. I can;t believe they are skiing on one. I remember when we first started to elarn on two many years before this. Both have been skiing since they were 5 years old. They love to ski.

The road To Heaven

This is the way to my house. yes it takes a little getting used to but I manage now. You have to come across the ferry and up the mountain and than back down the mountain into the valley. I drive a 4 wheel Drive Jeep and even sometimes I need more!!!! When it rains it gets very muddy but all and all it is OK. I love the bush lands of the Hawkesbury especailly on a foggy morning.